Our Intership Programme

Our internship program aims to expose individuals to knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of molecular biology. Thus, indulgence in the program helps in solidifying career aspirations. The program also helps younger learners refine research skills by virtue of exposure to productive research processes in a short amount of time.

Meet some of our interns

Arowosaye Abiola O. I am Arowosaye Abiola O. I had my first degree in Microbiology from LAUTECH and a second degree in Virology from the University of Ibadan. I have practical knowledge of Molecular Virology and tissue culture. While undergoing my Master's program, I developed an interest in bioinformatics, which had always seem like an unachievable feat, but observed it is a hurdle that can be overcome, while working with Helix Biogen Institute, which stirred my interest the more. Helix Biogen Consult comprises of people from different disciplines, and that made learning easier. Publishing articles has been one of my greatest fears, but here in Helix Biogen,, we are trained on how to go about this as well. My association with this place has and will always be a blessing. It has made a meaningful impact on my life.
Aboderin Dorcas Olubunmi My name is Aboderin Dorcas Olubunmi, a Microbiology graduate from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, and an M.Sc student of the University of Lagos (Medical Microbiology of Parasitology). My Bioinformatics journey started here; I had my basic training and practical sessions in the organization. Sincerely, my knowledge has broadened since I joined the organization. We’ve had a series of training in various areas of bioinformatics, manuscript publishing, and many more. The weekly seminars are also eye-opening to Bioinformatics. Helix Biogen Consult has helped me relate and communicate better as it is an interdisciplinary organization that enables us to discuss scientific topics better from our different disciplinary perspectives. In essence, Helix Biogen Consult is not just a training ground but a place where dreams are accomplished.
Olawumi Elizabeth Akindiya I am Olawumi Elizabeth Akindiya, a microbiology student at Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology. Helix Biogen Institute did not only improve my knowledge of genomics but also enhanced my life generally. I have learnt a lot from the consult intellectually. Seminars organized by the consult are eye-opening, broadening my knowledge in different areas. I have learned more about research, paper publishing, basic bioinformatics, etc. The consult does not help academics alone but also has a heart for humanity by giving charity to orphanage homes, and this has increased my interest in helping humanity. I never regretted being a volunteer because the consult has improved my life and given me a bigger picture of tomorrow. God bless Helix Biogen Consult.
Adebayo Emmanuel Tayo My name is Adebayo Emmanuel Tayo, an undergraduate student of Physiology from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. I learnt a lot about the application of Bioinformatics in Genomics studies. Helix Biogen Consult has opened eyes to so many things and also broaden my knowledge in research work. Helix is a blessing to humanity—my sincere gratitude to Helix Biogen Consult.