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Our professional certificate and diploma courses are designed to ensure that in an ever-evolving and the advancing scientific biomedical world, you are not left behind with an outdated knowledge base. The proof comes in the form of a certificate which is earned by passing one or more exams that were developed by an organization such as Helix Biogen Institute.

This online/onsite course, lectures, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, assignments, hands-on and mini projects for diploma programs. The duration of the program is five months (Professional Diploma) and two months (Professional Certificate), and contact times for facilitation are scheduled and held on weekends.

This course is meant as an overview of the applications of molecular biology with detailed applications in various field. Research methodology is included in the course. In this program students will be prepared for research or technically intensive graduate programs and career positions requiring a knowledge set and expertise in molecular biology. It is aimed to give students a complete walk through the field and to provide an enduring foundation for future professional growth. Molecular Biology is the study of the structure and function of genes and the proteins they encode, including genome sequencing, recombinant DNA technology and macromolecular structure determination, and the study is imperative for human development and advances in medical sciences.

Bioinformatics is a blend of biology, computer science, and mathematics. This program is designed to help prepare you for high-demand work in bioinformatics science in a corporate, government, and/or academic environment. We recommend you have a background in biology, molecular biology, mathematics, and/or computer science as well as statistics and computer programming. Research methodology is included in the course. The course begins with a fast-paced introduction to essential capabilities. Through individualized and student-centered teaching, as well as heterogeneous group work, it will prepare wet-bench biologists and clinicians interested in data analysis, as well as statisticians or computer scientists wishing to work in biology for studies in modern bioinformatics.

It explores the most interesting field of immunology and gain knowledge in focused topics such as sub-unit vaccine component, Structure-based Vaccine design, Delivery and optimization of effects among various others which brings you the self-learning course for an enriching experience. Vaccine Design & Development course gives us a brief knowledge about how to prepare the vaccine why it is necessary for fighting various viruses which we don’t even know much about. Research methodology is included in the course. Vaccinology is a cross-disciplinary subject and the most exciting developments in vaccinology have occurred when people from diverse research, business and medical backgrounds have used their skills to collectively tackle problems in vaccine design. Our course participants will therefore reflect the diversity of the subject and be from business, academic, clinical and veterinary backgrounds. The course will be of particular interest to research scientists, programme managers, clinical trial coordinators, nurses, physicians and veterinarians. The course will be accessible to people already working in the field or to those who wish to enter the field.

The Certificate is available to students who want additional credentials in Molecular Diagnostics for career development/enhancement. The certificate program in Molecular Diagnostics is intended for those individual in related health disciplines who wish to enhance their lab expertise and knowledge in molecular-based methods. The information presented in each course will provide scientists with the opportunity to update their skills and knowledge, allowing them to meet the increasing demands of modern molecular biology theory and application. Research methodology is included in the course.

Course Application and Pricing

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Professional Certificate


  • 2 Month Course
  • Online & Onsite Lectures
  • Hands on Mini-Projects
  • Certificate

Professional Diploma


  • 5 Month Course
  • Online & Onsite Lectures
  • Hands on Mini-Projects
  • Certificate