A-3 Day Bioinformatics Training with American Society for Microbiology.

Following are the training resources covering the following contents: Introduction, history, time line, databases, sequence storage, retrieval and analysis, similarity and homology, creating alignments, local and global alignment, pair wise and multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetic analysis, Introduction to Structural Biology (online tools BLAST, BLAT and FASTA, PDB file structure). Protein-protein interaction, Bioinformatics tools for analysis of proteomics data, proteomics databases.


Introduction to Bioinformatics and Databases

This is the section for the introduction to informatics, databases and retrieval of sequences from various databases.


Sequence Alignment and Phylogeny

This section captures various types of sequence alignment such as local, global, pairwise and multiple sequence alignment. It also captures introduction to plotting of phylogenetics tree.


Prediction of Protein Structure

This section introduces participants to tools for protein prediction and visualization.

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